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we turn our vtol dream into a reality


VJM Aviation is a project website of the first Electric turbine powered flying model of the F-35B in Europe. Our mission is to give everyone, interested in this fantastic jet fighter, the opportunity to get to know it better.

My name is Joel Vlashof and together with my friend Ingmar Hendriks we’re trying to develop these awsome jetfighters scale. We are a small team of engineers who love these special Aircrafts. Our goal is simple: make awesome VTOL models, have fun, and inspire the next generation of engineers! Please visit our Youtube page like almost 10million other future engineers did and find how we build, fly and test these amazing models.

You can help to build our dream

Donations are completely optional. We will continue to post all video content on YouTube and it will always be free to watch. Patreon is just about supporting our work, which allows us to post better videos! You will find some of the past projects we’re particularly proud of.



AV8B Harrier VTOL Model

The AV-8B Harrier II is the U.S. military’s only short takeoff, vertical landing jet aircraft in current inventory. Originally flown in the late 1960s, the Harrier has undergone a series of improvements that have increased safety, range and lethality. The AV-8B is a key component of the Marine Corps’ “all STOVL force” concept, allowing Marines to be supported in austere conditions in expeditionary environments. Our Harrier model is a 1:7 RC Model. Its is capeble to lift off vertical and go into normal flight mode.


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The F-35B Lightning II is the Marine Corps variant of the Joint Strike Fighter and features a vertical lift fan and pivoting engine nozzle to deliver vertical landing and short takeoff capability to expeditionary airfields. The F-35 will replace AV-8B Harrier IIs in the Marine Corps inventory. Our F-35B is an 1:10 RC model. Its is capeble to lift off vertical and go into normal flight mode.


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A printable version of what is probably the best-known fighter of the 5th generation is ready for you to replicate here and has been designed on the basis of many years of VTOL experience in RC model construction.

A rotatable rear nozzle, which also includes an ingeniously designed thrust vector control, makes this EDF jet suitable for aerobatics and VTOL and is very easy to fly. In addition, there are pivoting slats that cause an elegant slow flight.

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Kestrel-X is an prototype Vtol platform were we test our flightcomputer and the F-35B 3BSM! It has the F-35B pivoting engine nozzle for vertical take off and landing capabilties.

We plan to build 3 version of Kestrel-X:

  • Long-range
  • Heavy load
  • Acrobatic



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